Monsurat Adebanjo is the Founder and CEO of Brown Girl For The Arts Media; she is also the Editor-In-Chief of The Urban Culturist. In 2017, she founded the nonprofit organization - Brown Girl Artists. Monsurat is a first-generation born Nigerian-American, an attorney, a journalist, contributor, fashion designer, visual concept creator and a global citizen.

After graduating from law school, Monsurat resumed writing on the subjects of lifestyle and entertainment for digital publications; however, she was unsatisfied with the partisan coverage of arts and culture. Moreover, she found it necessary to subscribe to numerous newsletters and a multitude of social media pages to stay apprised of a variety of cultural happenings in New York City. Monsurat found herself writing the articles that she wanted to read on subjects like the Presidential Election, New York Fashion Week, the growing Afrobeats movement, award show commentary and local art exhibitions; however, these articles rarely left her desktop. Monsurat was consistently frustrated by the lack of diversity at prestigious art institutions and upmarket events, and the disregard for the contributions of people of color.

Inspired by the art, fashion and technology community around her and sure that there were many others felt similarly, Monsurat decided to start Brown Girl For The Arts Media, where likeminded people could connect and obtain knowledge and honest commentary about the ever-burgeoning New York culture scene and its artists.