Black Girl Magic Book Launch

Black Girl Magic Book Launch, with poet Mahogany L. Browne
February 1, 2018 | Rae Nieves, Contributing Writer
Mahogany L. Browne Captures Black Girl Magic on the Page and IRL!

Last week, author and poet Mahogany L. Browne stood in front of an audience filled with regal Black women and girls at the Brooklyn Information & Culture Inc. (“BRIC”) and expounded on the root of Black Girl Magic, the title of her new book. “Magic means resilience. Magic means persistence. Magic to me is being at one with yourself and loving yourself despite the fact that the system is killing us.”

Much of what twenty-first century culture tells black girls is not pretty: Don't wear this; don't smile at that. Don't have an opinion; don't dream big. And most of all, don't love yourself. In response to such destructive ideas, Black Girl Magic invites readers to find magic within themselves. More than one hundred people gathered to celebrate Browne’s newest endeavor.  The poet participated in a formal discussion with host Ashley C. Ford and answered questions from the audience; Browne was funny, relatable and yet profound: her comments earned laughter, snaps, and thoughtful “mmhmm”s from the crowd in nearly equal measure.

Black Girl Magic repackages Browne’s acclaimed poem of the same name, which she first wrote and performed for the PBS NewsHour, in 2016. Browne described the poem as “an anthem for black women” and “a war cry” for the mothers of victims of police brutality.

A fourteen-year-old audience member asked, “What do Black girls need?” Browne replied, “Black girls need space to be themselves without scrutiny.” With a copy of Black Girl Magic in hand, hopefully many young Black girls may start to develop the self confidence needed in world full of bullies.

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